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Natural Organic Fertilization Program


Nurturing trees and shrubs long-term requires a different approach than using fertilizers high in NPKs. Traditional fertilizers can produce excessive canopy growth, which can create a serious tree problem as trees lack the required root systems to support the extra growth. This practice can weaken trees and make them vulnerable to wind damage, attacks from tree insects and tree disease. Healthy roots help trees and shrubs withstand summer heat, drought, water restrictions and many other environmental stresses.


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Most urban soils are highly compacted, low in organic matter, lacking in vital microbial life, and in very poor condition. But at Plant Preservation, our unique natural fertilization techniques can restore tree health and rebuild root systems and replenish depleted soils. We can establish viable microbial populations that generate organic matter and become a "naturally renewable" source of natural fertilizer designed to rejuvenate your trees and shrubs.


Our advanced organic tree fertilizer provides all of the essential plant nutrients to the soil. Our expert arborist will determine precise levels of organic tree fertilizers, green natural fertilizers, and specific organic nutrients based on the particular needs of your trees and shrubs. Factors such as plant species, soil conditions; age, tree diseases, tree insect infestation, location, and other factors come into play when determining the organic tree fertilizer formula that best suits your situation. 


Pet and Child Safe Organic Fertilizer Application

Most traditional fertilizers are spread on the surface of the ground surrounding your trees and shrubs. But spreading harsh chemicals on the ground can represent a significant health hazard to your pets and young children. At Plant Preservation, your safety is our primary concern. We use an underground fertilization technique to inject natural materials into the soil surrounding your trees and shrubs. This process has many advantages. It provides nutrients directly to the tree root systems where your plants can access it easily. In addition, it revitalizes poor soil conditions as well as aereates the soil. But the best benefit of all... Our unique organic nutrient injection system is absolutely safe for pets and children. Because the fertilizers are injected underground, your pets and children are NEVER subjected to dangerous chemicals and are never at risk of getting near or into the organic fertilizers.

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Organic Fertilization Services
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Environmentally Safe Fertilizers


At Plant Preservation, we are committed to protecting the environment. For that reason, we use nothing but natural fertilers and organic materials. We are one of the few green fertilizer companies in the area that use all natural fertilizers like compost tea, seaweed concentrate, and fish ensymes to name just a few. We are on the cutting edge of environmentally safe fertilizers that are the wave of the future.

If you are commited to doing your part to save the environment, try our all natural organic fertilizers. You'll find that they are safe for the environment and better for you plants.

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