We are committed to changing tree and shrub fertilization programs from a dangerous chemical process to a safe natural approach. And because our natural and organic materials are injected directly into the soil surrounding your trees and shrubs, it is much better for your trees and shrubs and our fertilization treatments are completely child safe and pet safe. In addition, we use organic and natural materials in all of our soil treatments which is much better for the environment. Following are a few of the natural materials that we use in our natural organic fertilization programs.


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1. Aerobically Activated Compost Tea (AACT)

This material is a result of extracting soluble nutrients and beneficial microbes

found in various forms of compost (worm castings), foods to grow and multiply these organisms and de-chlorinated water. De-chlorinated water is first added to a brewing machine then the compost ingredients are added inside a mesh bag very similar to a tea bag, hence the name compost tea.  The brewing process rejuvenates the soil by increasing the number of beneficial soil organisms and produces higher quality conditions. AACT provides the plant with microbes that the plant can readily utilize on a daily basis. AACT is the main foundation of our soil injections!


2. Humates

Humate, a natural soil and plant growth stimulant, is another major component of our finished product. Humate increases plant immunity, improves plant metabolism, promotes root development and improves the supply of nutritional elements. Humates also improve the accumulation of chlorophyll, sugar, amino acids and improves the nitrogen utilization in plants. Humates are a very beneficial to plants and is a key component in our process!


3. Seaweed Concentrate

This major ingredient provides plants with critical trace elements and natural growth hormones that greatly improve health, growth, and resistance to insects and disease.  There are 15 trace elements considered essential to plant life and few, if any, are available in conventional fertilizers. Although some soils have an abundance of these trace elements, they are usually embedded deep in rock mineral formations and are unavailable to plants.  The trace minerals in seaweed extracts are naturally chelated (bonded) within organic compounds that are more easily broken down by the plant and soil systems.


Plants are very sensitive to trace elements and there is a fine line between too much and not enough.  Seaweed contains a natural balance of these trace elements making it an ideal natural plant supplement. But what sets seaweed apart from other compounds is its natural growth hormone content.  Natural hormones such as cytokinins, gibberellins and auxins help plants through all stages of growth and development. In addition to all the other benefits of seaweed extract, it is also biologically active and stimulates the development of beneficial microbes.


4. Fish Hydrolysate.

This product is a natural fertilizer that contains N-P-K, vitamins, amino acids, enzymes, and natural growth hormones. It is made through a process that utilizes natural enzymes in fish. No synthetic materials are added to the process. Once diluted with water, the product quickly begins to rejuvenate the soil and energize your plants.


These are the four main components of our products here at Plant Preservation. These four materials are then added to de-chlorinated water in specific amounts for the final product.  If all this sounds complicated, don't worry, we have done all the research and take care of everything for you. There is no comparison between our organic fertilizer and traditional fertilizer products. For more information, call us at 267-580-5236.


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